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Alotau / Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is after Indonesia and Madagascar's the third largest island state in the world. It lies in the Pacific, is belongs to the Australian continent and includes the eastern part of the island of New Guinea (the western part, West Papua, belongs to Indonesia) as well as several offshore islands and archipelagos.
Milne Bay is one of the 19 provinces of Papua New Guinea. Capital is Alotau with nearly 10,000 residents. More interesting than the mainland and the relatively new capital Alotau regarded as unattractive are the islands of the province. Quite close to the mainland are the D'Entrecasteaux Islands with the main islands Fergusson, Normanby and Goodenough.
Milne Bay is not a pure island province; nearly half of the province is on the mainland and forms the extreme southeastern tip of the island of New Guinea. The rest of the continental part is composed of many peninsulas and bays, among which the Milne Bay is just one.
The inhabitants of the islands off Milne Bay are partly close to the Polynesian people of the Pacific, such as with the Trobriand islanders. Until recently there was among the many and sometimes widely separated islands a non-commercial exchange ritual called Kula Ring. This ring exchange in which were always known only the next exchange partner, was about the good neighborly relations. None of the tribes was trying to enrich themselves during the ritual which was to establish lifelong friendships between the inhabitants of different islands.Exchanged were in the one direction red shell money necklaces, in the other precious bracelets. The tradition of the Kula Ring created in very different tribes of the Milne Bay Islands many cultural similarities.

Milne Bay is in the extreme south-east of PNG. Milne Bay refers not only to the actual bay of Alotau, but the entire province with all the islands. The population density here is very low, accordingly little human influence can be found in the ecosystem.
You can dive wherever reef are. Frequently visited is the area around Samarai in the south, the remote island groups in the east (Louisiades), the Entrecasteaux Islands and the north coast past the main island of Cape Vogel up to Tufi in the north.

In Papua New Guinea you encounter a fascinating variety of past, but at the same time living cultures. While traveling to this country you can experience the amazing plant and animal wealth.
Papua New Guinea is one of the best diving spots in the world. Intact coral reefs and a great abundance of fish make the dive an unforgettable experience.
Milne Bay is far from organized tourism. Most diving cruises make stops in villages on the islands, where you can get a glimpse of the island cultures. The Alotau International Hotel can also organize upon request tours in villages and rainforest.

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