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Bodenteich / Germany

Bad Bodenteich is a town in the midst of the Lüneburg Heath in the district of Uelzen, Lower Saxony and is located on the Elbe-Seiten Canal.
Bad Bodenteich has a total of 3,955 inhabitants.

More than 40 ha of pastures with at beehouses and sheep pens open up to the walker in form of the nature studies path 'Bad Bodenteicher Heath' at the Black Mountain" and the "Muna". Around 1250 the Bodenteich castle was built for the Bodendike knights. The remains of the stone tower with an 8 m diameter in the castle cellar dates from this period. On the part of the 14th/15th century (wall thickness 3,5 m) still standing donjon there is a viewing platform. On the castle premises there is also a mediaeval construction site which is in use at certain times.
Castle Museum
The focus is an archetype of a castle, different findings from the cellar and a justice chair. Everyday gadgets, dowry and clothing from the last 200 years as well as findings from the Stone Age complete the exhibition.
The church St. Petri,badly destroyed by fire in 1808,
1833-36 a classical hall-type church in bricks and mortar built with sandstone structure.
An old historical stone oven in Soltendieck, which dates from 1770 and is in use once a year during the oven festival. St. Michaelis, Müssingen, a stone chapel presumably from the 14th century. St. Bartholomeus Church Lüder:  originally a church of pilgrimage (1373), the west tower dates from 1434 and the altar from the 17th century. Schweimker Moor: high moor in Lüder with rare flora and fauna. The Schweimker Moor forms the watershed between the Aller and the Elbe. Mediaeval fortress: in Schostorf und Schafwedel to the east of Bad Bodenteich there are remains of a rare border fortress that ensured in the Middle Ages and in early modern times defended the principality of Lüneburg from the Brandenburger Altmark. Fortresses were made of walls and moats. Bad Bodenteich lake fields: dried up lakes with various hiking possibilities and interesting flora and fauna. In Schafwedel there is a nature protection area with a very rare species of birch (Betula nana).

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