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Dillingen / Germany

For eleven years the Saar has again been made navigable, even for large pusher convoys that bring goods from Rotterdam to Dillingen. The Dillinger marina is due to the Saar channeling. Boats from all over the Saarland have their "home port" here.
The "ÖkoSee" in Dillingen is a biotope. Waterfowl of all kinds have settled down and enjoy the undisturbed peace. Because the "eco lake " is off limits to any form of water sport.

In a former farmhouse, the Museum Pachten, the Museum for Pre- and Early History in the district of Saarlouis and The Local Museum is housed.
The old castle is a gem of Saarland Baroque. It is first mentioned in the 13th century. Foundation finds suggest that the origins of today's system is a polygonal moated castle.
The Church of the Holy Sacrament bears the title Saardom, because when it was built it was the largest church on the Saar. It was built from 1910 to 1913.

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Port of call: Dillingen


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