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Guayaquil / Ecuador

On the coast of Ecuador, in a fertile plain, only slightly above sea level, and therefore very warm (up to 40 ° C) is Guayaquil. It is the capital of the  Guayas region (20,500 km², 3.6 million inhabitants) and is thus the largest city in the country.

Guayaquil is the starting point for most visitors to Galápagos. From here you can reach the islands by boat or a less expensive flight. The world famous Galápagos archipelago captivates by its fauna: sea lions, tortoises, penguins, dolphins, reptiles, birds, etc. Besides, it is the birthplace of Darwin's theory of evolution. Staying on the island is a rather costly amusement, you have to consider about 1.000 US $ for 4 days.
The town is also the door to Ecuador's most beautiful beaches and one of the best fishing spots in the world.
 Another option are trips to the Cerro Blanco Forest Reserve with its impressive variety of species of birds and the Manglares Churute Ecological Reserve. There are dolphins, sea birds and other animals and you can also take a canoe ride through the mangroves (you should book 3-4 days ahead). Another highlight is the old district Las Peñas the only one in the city whose houses were not destroyed by fire. You can still take a stroll through the picturesque, colonial Guayaquil. The waterfront, refurbished thanks to the project 'Malécon 2000' also invites you to long walks and today there is a department store and a park with historical monuments (the complex is open until midnight). Other sights worth recommended are the churches in Guayaquil, such as the La Merced or San Francisco, the peaceful cemetery below the Cerro del Carmen, the botanical garden with its many species of plants (in Parque Bolivia opposite the cathedral  tame iguanas run free. The following museums invite for a visit: the Anthropological Museum
Casa de la Cultura
Museo del Banco del Pacifico
Museo Municipal
Religious Art Museum Nahim Isaias Barquet.

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Port of call: Guayaquil


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