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List of ports - Turkey

Aga Limani / Turkey
Alanya / Turkey
The city Alanya, in the meantime with 75,000 residents is located on a small peninsula. In the north, the Taurus Mountains are located and in the south, the Mediterranean Sea. ... ... more information about the port Alanya!
Amasra (Safranbolu) / Turkey
Andriake / Turkey
Andriake was in ancient times the port of Myra, located on the estuary of Andrakos in Lycia, today's Turkey. First mentioned in writing was the place in 197 BC when Antiochus ... ... more information about the port Andriake, Turkey!
Antalya / Turkey
Kaleici - Marina old port of Antalya, award-winning Kaleici - Marina with its amusing centre. Ten kilometres west of the city centre the quiet Setur - Marina is ... ... more information about the port Antalya!
Anzac Cove / Turkey
Anzac Cove is a small cove on the Turkish peninsula of Gallipoli. She became well known during the First World War, when there landed troops of the Australian and New Zealand Army ... ... more information about the port Anzac Cove!
Ayvalik / Turkey
Bartin (Safranbolu) / Turkey
Bergama / Turkey
Bodrum / Turkey
Beautiful old port on the Turkish ... ... more information about the port Bodrum!
Bozcaada (Ténedos) / Turkey
Bursa / Turkey
Camilimani / Turkey
Camilimani is located on the west coast of ... ... more information about the port Camilimani!
Canakkale / Turkey
Canakkale is located in northwestern Turkey on the European peninsula Gelibolu as well as the small Asian mainland. Just like Istanbul the town lies on two continents: Europe and ... ... more information about the port Canakkale!
Çesme / Turkey
Çökertme / Turkey
Çökertme is a quaint little fishing village, located on the bay of Gokova, on the Turkish Aegean. The village and its surroundings are touristy yet almost entirely ... ... more information about the port Çökertme!
Dalaman / Turkey
Dalyan River / Turkey
An experience is the ride through the meter-high reeds of the Dalyan river. Only by small boats it is possible to navigate on the tortuous reeds ... ... more information about the port Dalyan River!
Datca / Turkey
The almost 100-km-long Datça Peninsula extends west of Mamaris into the sea and divides it at this point in the northern part of the Aegean Sea, and in the southern, ... ... more information about the port Datca!
Demre / Turkey
Didim / Turkey
Didim is a Turkish resort on the Aegean Sea. The city is known not only for its beautiful beaches but also for its Apollo Temple, which was almost declared the eighth wonder of ... ... more information about the port Didim!
Dikili / Turkey
Dikili has the charm of an idyllic fishing and commercial port is located in a bay between Izmir and Ayvalik. The city can be reached via a 11-km-long  long traffic-free ... ... more information about the port Dikili!
Ekincik / Turkey
The Ekincik Cove, on the Turkish coast, enjoys an increasing number of visitors, has been able, however, to preserve its beauty until today (The plots may be built only up to 10% ... ... more information about the port Ekincik!
Fethiye / Turkey
The marina is known beyond the region and in the vicinity there are many bays, islands and ... ... more information about the port Fethiye!
Finike / Turkey
Gocek / Turkey
Iskenderun / Turkey
Iskenderun is located in the extreme south of Turkey on the Mediterranean Sea, almost on the border with Syria. The port of Iskenderun is important especially for the export: oil ... ... more information about the port Iskenderun!
Istanbul / Turkey
Istanbul, the Turkish metropolis on the Bosporus, is an incredibly versatile and fascinating city, already by the very fact that it is located on two continents. The port goes ... ... more information about the port Istanbul!
Izmir (Smyrna) / Turkey
The port of Izmir (Turkish Smyrna) is the second largest port in Turkey. It lies on the Aegean coast in the east of the country, especially since the export plays an important ... ... more information about the port Izmir (Smyrna)!
Kalkan / Turkey
Kas / Turkey
KAS - where sea and mountains embrace. Picturesque hidden in a quiet bay of the Lycian Coast is Kas, called by the Lycians Habesos, later by the Greeks Antiphellos. A small former ... ... more information about the port Kas!
Kaunos / Turkey
Kaunos, an ancient city was settled in the 7th century BC and abandoned in the 10th century A.D. It was from a commercial perspective a major port city. However, since the sea ... ... more information about the port Kaunos!
Kekova / Turkey
Kekova is a small island off the southern coast of Turkey. Many peoples valued this sheltered bay as natural harbor and left their marks ... ... more information about the port Kekova!
Kemer / Turkey
Kemer is a seaside resort with about 12,000 inhabitants, located on the Turkish Riviera, approximately 45 km from Antalya. The city offers its visitors an ideal vacation stay with ... ... more information about the port Kemer !
Kepez / Turkey
Kepez is a district municipality within the Turkish metropolitan municipality Antalya. Due to the long sandy beaches, the area around Antalya is often also called the "Turkish ... ... more information about the port Kepez!
Kizilada / Turkey
Knidos / Turkey
Kusadasi (Ephesus) / Turkey
Kusadasi (50,000 inhabitants) is located opposite on the west coast of Anatolia, the Greek island of Samos. The city sees stands is in the tradition of a thousand years of ... ... more information about the port Kusadasi (Ephesus) !
Marmaris / Turkey
Marmaris is a coastal town in the province of Muğla in the southwest part of Turkey. It has about 31,000 inhabitants and is a touristic town. The beach promenade is about 11 km ... ... more information about the port Marmaris!
Mersin / Turkey
Mersin, about 580.000 Inhabitants) city on the south Anatolian coast in the Mediterranean Sea, in the south-east of Turkey, capital of the province İçel. The city is a ... ... more information about the port Mersin!
Mudanya (Bursa) / Turkey
Mudanya is a small place in the north-west of Turkey. Located on the Marmara Sea, Mudanya is recognized as climatic resort, among others,   because of the high iodine ... ... more information about the port Mudanya (Bursa)!
Özdere / Turkey
Pamukkale / Turkey
Samsun / Turkey
Located on the Turkish Black Sea coast, the city of Samsun is one of the largest and most modern cities in Turkey and with a population of around 400,000 a commercial, political ... ... more information about the port Samsun!
Sardes / Turkey
Side / Turkey
Sinop / Turkey
Sinop is a popular and charming port city and seaside resort on the Black Sea with about 25,000 inhabitants. The city is located in northern Turkey on the Boztepe Peninsula.Sinop ... ... more information about the port Sinop!
Tasucu / Turkey
Tasucu is a small harbor town and a pretty seaside resort with wonderful sandy beaches on the south coast of Asia Minor between Antalya and Mersin and not far from the island of ... ... more information about the port Tasucu!
Tersane Adasi / Turkey
Trabzon (Trapezunt) / Turkey
Trabzon is a Turkish city on the southern shores of the Black Sea, and is the capital and economic center of the province by the same name and transfer center for the export of ... ... more information about the port Trabzon (Trapezunt)!