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Arctic CathedralArctic Cathedral
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Tromesö, Tromesoy / Norway

Tromsø is the largest city and the most important cultural center in the north of Norway. The city is about 500 kilometers north of the polar circle; which corresponds to the geographical latitude of North Alaska. Here are the northernmost university, the northernmost cathedral and the most northern brewery in the world. The city is spread over the mainland and several islands off the coast and is the largest city in Europe with a surface area of 2,558 km². Tromsø was and is one of the most important starting points for expeditions to the polar regions. Roald Amundsen, on the other hand, was the first person to reach the South Pole on December 14, 1911, about four weeks before his great opponent, the Englishman R. F. Scott. Tromsø is also the pier of the Hurtigruten, whose founder, Richard With, was born in the city.

Tromsø is a young and lively city with an abundance of cultural events, restaurants, pubs and discos that have given the city the name "Paris of the North". Remarkable are among others, the Polaria Sentrum, an adventure center informing about the Polar region and the Barents Sea, moreover a Polar Museum, which tells about famous expeditions in the ice, the Tromsö Museum with interesting exhibitions about the history and culture of the Sami, which have been in the region for thousands of years and the flora and fauna of Northern Scandinavia. Built in 1965, the Ice Age cathedral symbolizes polar night and northern light. It has the largest glass mosaic window in Europe. The local mountain of the town (Storsteinen, 418 m) which is accessed by a cable car, offers an impressive view of the Tromsø and the surrounding mountains. The treeless high plateau of birch mushrooms and blueberries is suitable for long walks or hikes.

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Port of call: Tromesö, Tromesoy


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