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Usedom / Germany

Usedom is a Baltic island, located in front of the Stettiner Haff, which belongs to both Germany and Poland. Some 76,500 people live here, of whom about 31,500 are Germans and 45,000 are Polish. The first mention of the name Usedom in the 12th century refers to the small town by the same name in the south-west of the island. It is connected with the conquest of the first duke of Pomerania, Wartislaw I, and the missionary process initiated by Bishop Otto von Bamberg. A cross built in 1928 on the fortress wall of Usedom recalls the assumption of Christianity in 1128. The main source of income since 1990 has been tourism.

Known places of the island are, among others, the seaside resorts of Karlshagen, Trassenheide, Zinnowitz, Zempin, Koserow, Kölpinsee, Ückeritz, Heringsdorf and Świnoujście. In the hinterland of the island is the charming small town of Usedom. Among other places remarkable here is the Anklamer Gate, the St.Mary's Church, the Schlossberg and the remains of the Karnin / Zecherin lift bridge. At the old railway station of the city is also a nature park center with interesting exhibitions around the nature of the surrounding area. Remarkable is also the village of Mellenthin with its water castle, which was already partlyl restored at the beginning of the 21st century. You can also visit Stolpe Castle, just south of the town of Usedom. It was originally built in the 17th century. In 1905, however, it was fundamentally redesigned; after the conquest of Usedom by the Red Army, parts of the castle were used as building materials, but howver restored at the beginning of the 21st century.

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