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Круизы на лайнере MS Amadea

Phoenix: MS Amadea


MS Amadea - experience a classic cruise on the ZDF dream ship

You board the ship and immediately have the feeling that you already know each other. How many times have you been following scenes at the reception or at the pool? One of the well-known crew members who you have known from television for years must show up soon ...

Since 2015, the MV Amadea of cruise line Phoenix has been the main hub for the dream ship production. With its two restaurants, the seven bars and the attractive spa area, the 4.5-star ship offers classic cruises in a stylish ambience. The golf course, the fitness room and a diversified entertainment program guarantee no boredom on oceans among the 600 passengers.

The board language on the 193 m long MS Amadea is, in contrast to many other, international ships, German. With the dream ship you can discover the most beautiful parts of the world in a very special way.

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  • Up to 600 passengers can fit on the MS Amadea.

  • The MS Amadea can travel up to 15-18 Узлы .

  • The MS Amadea was built in 2018.