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Бандел / Индия

Город находится в индийской западной Бенгалии. Первые европейские поселенцы появились здесь в 16 веке, когда португальские торговцы возвели первый христианский храм с монастырём, построенный в 1599 году и восстановленый  после разрушения в 1660.

Вас поразит этот старинный храмовый город с величественными алтарями и ритуальными поминальными плитами. Перед церковью, упираясь мачтами в небеса, навеки пришвартован великолепный фрегат - дар от капитана, который, потерпев кораблекрушение в Бенгальском заливе, единственный остался в живых. Неприменно посетите голландскую колонию Кинсура: развалины старинных фабрик и монументальное кладбище. Недалеко от Бандела Вас зачарует своими легендами старая гавань города Саптаграм и таинственные храмы Basudev и Hanseswari

A river cruise through the Indian rivers Ganges and Brahmaputra is a discoverers trip to the most beautiful places and fantastic historical sites of a fascinating country. On a cruise to India, isolated exotic landscapes await you, where many species of animals such as tigers, rhinos, elephants and monkeys are at home. The Orang National Park or the Kaziranga National Park are the perfect places to get familiar with this magnificent flora and fauna during a safari. In harmony with nature, you will discover on the deck of your cruise ship endless plains but also narrow, huge canyons; when stopping at small typical and traditional villages in the country you will learn about the centuries-old Indian culture. Fantastic beaches and heavenly diving sanctuaries of an extra class, promising relaxation and adventure await you in the Indian Ocean. You can also visit the sizzling Indian cities like Delhi and Mumbai during a cruise on the Ganges and Brahmaputra. Excursions to the most magnificent temples in the world, to bustling bazaars and exotic tea gardens at the gates of the cities are on the itinerary of your cruise to India. The Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati, the Palace of the Winds and the Maharaja's Palace in Jaipur from the Mughal era, will drag you under their spell. Or discover the vibrant and colorful markets of the big cities on a bicycle rickshaw. Dream destination and highlight on a river cruise to India is the breathtaking Taj Mahal, which will enchant you and will be an unforgettable memory of your India cruise. Buddhism, Bollywood and Brahmaputra are the exciting mixes that turn these cruises on the Indian rivers and through a unique country into a fascinating travel experience.

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