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Дубай / ОАЭ

Дубай - один из эмиратов в составе ОАЭ. В Дубае находится единственная природная гавань Персидского залива. Между цепью горных утесов и пустынными дюнами на протяжении 70-ти километров раскинулись белоснежные песчаные пляжи у изумрудного моря. Район Дубая, где разливается глубокий и длинный морской лиман называют "Венецией Персидского залива".

Дубай-Крик или рынок пряностей. Здесь продаются пряности со всего мира.
Национальный музей Форт Аль-Фахиди, который расположен в старом укреплении города отреставрированном в 1970 году. Здесь можно увидеть предметы из меди, алебастроа и глины 3000-4000 летней давности! Фигуры в натуральную величину и световые эффекты перенесут посетителей в ранний период истории, еще задолго до нефтяного бума.
Зеленые парки, старинные деревни, исторические дома с ветряными башнями расположены около сверхсовременных новостроек с улицами бутиков и торговыми центрами.
Обязательно посетите Мечень Джумейра, которая считается самым красивым и изящным культовым зданием не только в Дубае, но и во всех Арабских Эмиратах.

A cruise on the Indian Ocean combines everything a dream holiday has to offer: endless white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, stunning cities, legendary sanctuaries, fantastic palaces, temples and pagodas, foreign cultures, exotic bazaars, wonders and tales from 1001 Nights – you will get to experience all these on a cruise in the Indian Ocean. Whether it’s the infinitely beautiful and secluded beaches of Seychelles, in Mauritius, Madagascar or La Reunion; or the breathtaking scenery and dreamy landscapes of India with its richly decorated palaces and pagodas or the exotic culture of Southeast Asia, the idyllic Thailand with its sun-drenched white sandy beaches and mystical temples, Singapore, Malaysia and many more: on a cruise through the Indian Ocean you will encounter a mesmerizing blend of exotic and idyllic. A magnificent wildlife and diverse cultures are joined together uniquely on these cruises. Since there are many spectacular and interesting places located on or near the coast, a cruise is the best way to enjoy the highlights of the Indian Ocean. Indulge on board: here you have time to enjoy the exciting nature of this unique region. And look forward to every day that offer you new experiences when you go aboard our cruise ships. Tropical colors, the incomparable cobalt blue sea, turquoise lagoons and the breathtaking green vegetation enchant your senses on a cruise through the Indian Ocean. Discover on a cruise fascinating ports of call whose exotic culture will leave unforgettable impressions on you. Explore on your shore excursions vibrant cities, where historical monuments compete against modern shopping malls and inviting restaurants promise a seductively exotic cuisine.
A cruise through the Arabian Sea is a journey through 1001 nights. Arabia's legendary sheikhdoms are filled with magic and adventure. Endless deserts, oases and mountains, Bedouin-, camel- and pearl dealers promise encounters with a fairy-tale world. What is so particularly delightful about this cruise into the Oriental fairyland, are the contradictions: in the desert grow beautiful cities full of luxury and wealth, modern vibrant life, a breathtaking architecture that is found nowhere else on our planet. Large modern malls and shopping areas invite visitors to stroll, but also to wonder. And at the same time these destinations in the UAE are a great source of wellness and relaxation with 365 days of guaranteed sunshine, the sparkling sea and the beautiful beaches! In the dazzling principalities Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Oman you will be utterly enchanted by the oriental way of life. Gather on a cruise through the Arabian Sea impressions you will never forget. Stroll through cities that have the character of tradition and modernity. Tramp through desert sand, study the camels and enjoy watching the world go by on picturesque markets with an oriental flair. Admire scenic mountain landscapes, orange- and date plantations, intact beaches and beautiful harbor cities. Indulge yourself on a cruise ship, because here you can escape from daily routine, relax and let your mind dangle. On a cruise through the Arabian Sea, you can sense the magic of the Orient firsthand.
World tour cruise with different routesA world tour cruise that takes you around the world is a unique experience. A world trour on a cruise ship is the superlative! Find out which regions are of special interest to you and then choose one of our many cruise routes throughout the world. You can take a great world tour cruise or, if you do not have so much time, even a small world tour. Aboard our luxurious / comfortable cruise ships - regarless of whether you travel a part of the world or a whole world - you can be pampered around the clock with fresh sea air, sun and a refined ambience and still see the whole world. The world's most beautiful countries, countless harbors, the most diverse continents, modern cities, bustling metropolises and small picturesque towns and islands.

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