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List of ports - Romania

Braila, capital of the same-named district of Braila, lies on the Danube and is a city in the Romanian region of Wallachia.
Bucharest is not only the capital, but also the political, economic and cultural center of Romania.
The city has 1.94 million inhabitants in 2001 and is sometimes also called the Paris of the Balkans.
After Bucharest had wrested from Targovişte the rank of state capital, it was the cultural and economic center of Wallachia, the southern part of today's Romania. In Bucharest is also a University (from 1864) and various other universities, theaters, museums and cultural institutions.
Calarasi is a Romanian city with 73,000 inhabitants, located on the Danube. In Romania, the city became known a few years ago, when a daily newspaper in August 2007 advertised a project  in which the population was supposed to choose from 25 attractions proposed, including the town prison Călăraşi, its own national "Seven Wonders".
Cernavoda is a town of about 20,000 inhabitants in Romania, located on the Danube at the beginning of the Danube-Black Sea Canal.
The Romanian village of Crisan is located right on the bank of the Sulina arm of the Danube.
Feteşti is a southeast Romanian town on the Danube, in the district of Ialomita with 34,600 residents. The town was first mentioned in 1528, in a document issued by the ruler of Wallachia, Radu de la Afumati. In 1868 Feteşti was a commune, in 1934 it became town and in 1995 rose to the status of a municipality. Over these years, the Feteşti has become a very important traffic junction and industrial center of Romania.
Galaţi, located in the east of the country on the Danube is with nearly 300,000 inhabitants the seventh largest city in Romania.The city first documented  in the year 1445 is now home to Romania's largest shipyard and is regarded as the most important inland port in the country. It is the last trading center ahead of the Danube Delta.
Giurgiu is a town in Romania and the capital of the same-named district of Giurgiu and lies on the Danube. The town has 71,000 inhabitants.
Harsova is located in the southeast of Romania on the Danube bank and has about 11,000 residents. The beautiful location of the city and good transport links were the best conditions for the development of industry and tourism.
Constanta is Romania's most important sea port by the Black Sea with about 310,000 inhabitants. South of Constanta, the new major port Agigea is the exit to the Danube-Black Sea canal. Constanta was founded in the 7th century BC by the Greeks as Tomis. Under the Roman Emperor Constantine I, the city was renamed Constantiana in honor of his sister and was an important metropolis where also the poet Ovid  banished from Rome, lived and died.
The island of Maliuc is located on the Caranjala Canal of the Sulina Branch, the middle of the three estuaries of the Danube into the Danube Delta. The island is not far from the village of Maliuc, which has a population of about 1,000.
The city of Oltenita is located 60 km south of Bucharest at the mouth of the Arges River into the Danube and has about 30,000 inhabitants.
The economic strength of the city lies mainly in the shipyard, which employs about 1200 people and on which several ships are built annually (1000 to 5000 t). There is also a large spinning mill in the town, casting and steel foundry and processing plants for agricultural products.
Orşova is a city with about 16 to 20,000 inhabitants in the Romanian county of Mehedinţi. It is located in the gorge valley of the cataract section, above the Iron Gate, on the left bank of the Danube. Below Orşova, the river Cerna flows into the Danube.
Orşova has a shipyard and a ship station. Before the dangerous cataract section was defused by the elevation of the water level in the course of power plant construction, the city was an important station for shipping. The island of Ada Kaleh lay in the Danube near Orşova. The island was also flooded with the construction of the Danube power plant.
The Romanian fishing village Sfantu Gheorghe with its 970 inhabitants is located on one of the oldest Danube arms, near the mouth of the Black Sea. In the small, very maritime-like place by the Danube Delta delta, where there is no car traffic, time seems to have stood still.
Sulina is a small town of about 5,000 inhabitants in Romania. Sulina is located directly on the Sulina Delta, the mouth of the river Sulina into the Danube and also at the mouth of the Danube into the Black Sea. The city was once a prosperous port city, probably also in the salt trade (the name of the city probably derives from "salt"), but today suffers from severe unemployment.
Tulcea is a Romanian port town on the Danube with about 90,000 inhabitants. The city itself is not very attractive, but from here start excursion boats into the Danube Delta.
The Romanian port of Turnu Magurele is located about 125 km southwest of Bucharest on the border with Bulgaria on the edge of Wallachia. From here, a ferry for crossing the Danube to the Bulgarian city of Nikopol is operated.
Turnu Severin is a Romanian port town on the Danube river with about 103,000 inhabitants. It lies at the east end of the "Iron Gate", a breakthrough valley along the Danube between the Southern Carpathians and the Serbian Carpathians.