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Castro, Isla de Chiloe / Chile

The Isla de Chiloe is an original island, about 70 kilometers off the Chilean coast. Once mission station of the Jesuits and Franciscans, Chiloe lies now in desolation and sad-beautiful melancholy. Everything that has remained on the Chilotes from this period are 150 beautiful wooden churches.120.000 people live on the 9,200 square km island - almost secluded from world events. To this day, only half of the 180-kilometer-long and 60-kilometer-wide Isla de Chiloe is accessible.

The island is green, very rugged and the roads still partly unpaved. The capital Castro is located inland and is easily accessible from the port city of Ancud. Worth seeing are mainly the old wooden churches and the "Palafitos", the wooden stilt houses for which the island is famous. Individual travelers who are looking for lands beyond the tourist path, are in good hands on Chiloe.

Zielgebiete zur Hafen Castro, Isla de Chiloe / Chile

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