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Cienfuegos, (Greater Antilles) / Cuba

Cienfuegos, the coastal city (123,000 inhabitants) with French flair is still an important export port for sugar, citrus and tobacco. Already in the 19th century the city was founded by French settlers into a prosperous commercial center. Similar to Trinidad also the wealth of Cienfuegos is characterized by sugar cultivation.

Elegant spaces, vast parks and promenades characterize the townscape of Cienfuegos. Again and again you walk past fairytale private palace the rich city dwellers once had build here. The atmospheric Parque Marti, named after the ubiquitous Cuban freedom fighter Jose Marti, is the green heart of the city. A triumphal arch from 1902 recalls the birth of the Republic. Well worth a visit are the Catedral de la Purisma Concepcion and the famous Teatro Tomas Therry from the year 1895
Excursions to the tobacco growing area Pinar del Rio, in the old colonial town of Trinidad, and in the former capital Santiago de Cuba.

Zielgebiete zur Hafen Cienfuegos, (Greater Antilles) / Cuba

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Route list to the port Cienfuegos, (Greater Antilles) / Cuba

Route list at the port Cienfuegos, (Greater Antilles) / Cuba

14 Routes:
Port of call: Cienfuegos, (Greater Antilles)


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