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Elat (Eilat) / Israel

Eilat is located at the southern tip of Israel, in the south of the Negev Desert. It is the only access of Israel to the Red Sea and thus the Indian Ocean. The length of the Israeli coastline is only about 12 kilometers. In Eilat is the last port off the untamed wilderness of the desert. Swimmers find there a lovely swim beach with sanitary facilities and a boat rental office. Most coral reefs in the world are located there.

In restaurants the menu features fresh fish from the Red Sea and in cozy cafes you can enjoy a good cup of coffee. In the workshop Malkit Eilat stones are cut and polished, a unique blend of Chrysocol, malachite, turquoise and azurite stones. They are polished and processed with silver, gold and other metals.
A free trade area for tourists was established.
The area is ideal for safaris, by car, SUV or on the back of a camel.
Worth seeing:
The nature reserve "Coral Beach"
The "Timna" Valley with the columns of King Solomon.
The Red Canyon with rare rock formations.
A wildlife reserve and a park where numerous species of birds can be observed.

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