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Jakarta, Java / Indonesia

Jakarta (also Djakarta) is the capital of the Republic of Indonesia. With about 8.5 million inhabitants in the city proper and about 17 million inhabitants in the immediate catchment area Jakarta and its surroundings is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. The mouth of the Ciliwung River on which the city lies has been inhabited for thousands of years, at the end of the 15th century here was the main port of thr Pajajaran Empire. Today Jakarta is the main seaport of Indonesia.

The architectural traces of the Dutch colonial era have been preserved in Jakarta until today. Around the old town square several colonial buildings have been restored with the support of UNESCO. Here is also the Jakarta Museum which since 1974 is housed in one of the oldest surviving buildings (a "Stadthuys"built in 1710 ). Very interesting is also the Wayang Museum, located on the west side of the square. Here rod puppets, shadow puppets and countless other utensils are exhibited, which is connected with the traditional puppet show which spread all over southeast Asia. The National Museum, Museum Pusat or Gedung Gajah (Elephant Building) lies west of the Independence Square and is one of the largest and best supplied museums in southeast Asia. From the Town Hall Square is not far to the Grand Canal (Kali Besar). Here there are numerous trading posts, commercial buildings and warehouses from the colonial era. Furthermore, Jakarta offers visitors a variety of impressive buildings and beautiful parks. You should also by no means miss the local culinary specialties: the stuffed duck Bebek "Betutu", the slightly marinated fried fish "Ikan Acar Kuning" and the fish and shrimp paté flavored and crispy fried dough fritters of rice or cassava flour called "Krupuk ".

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