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Mangalore / India

Mangalore is a major port city in the south Indian state of Karnataka with about 420,000 inhabitants and capital of the Dakshina Kannada district. The city is located about 300 km west of Bangalore and just 20 km north of the border with Kerala. The coastal section south of Mangalore to the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent is known as the Malabar Coast. In 1568 the Portuguese took Mangalore and built a fortress. The power of the colonial rulers began to crumble in the 17th century. The Arabs burnt down the city in 1695. In 1714 the Portuguese returned. They were finally expelled by the Mysore King Hyder Ali in 1763. Under his rule, the shipbuilding industry gained enormously in importance. However, Hyder Ali only determined the fate of the city for five years, then it was conquered by the British. From 1794 to 1799, Mangalore was again under the supremacy of Mysore for five years, this time under the rule of Hyder Ali's son Tipu Sultan, and then finally passed over to the British possession. It remained there until the independence of India in 1947.

Several conquests and destructions have not left much of Mangalore's rich historical legacy. However, there are some historical monuments reminiscent of the great historical significance, such as the Kadri-Manjunath temple built in the Kerala style from the 11th century,
It houses a bronze statue of the goddess Lokeshwara, one of the finest bronze works of all India or the Shri-Sharavu-Mahaganapathi Temple. This approximately 800-year-old temple is a major pilgrimage site that day by day attracts countless religious Hindus into the city center of Mangalore. The Rosario Cathedral, the Milagres Church as well as the Shrimati Bai Memorial Museum are also worth a visit.

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