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Sisimiut (Holsteinsborg) / Greenland

Sisimuit (Danish: Holsteinborg) is one of the largest cities in Greenland, has about 5,000 inhabitants and is located on the west coast on a peninsula. The city is surpassed by the Nasaasaaq, a mountain over 700 meters high. The area was already populated around 2500 BC, then by Inuit tribes, who settled here because of the good hunting conditions. Today, the inhabitants live on fishing and fish processing, the city flourishes, which is reflected in the elegant architecture of some districts: prefabricated buildings have been erected, which today characterize the cityscape next to remarkable colonial buildings.

The original town center is located on the Zimmermanns Peninsula, where there are still buildings from the whaling period of the 18th century. Well-preserved are the baconhouse and the cooperage. Colonial buildings can also be visited, including the church, in front of which a huge jaw bone of a whale was placed. It is the oldest wooden church in the country. Nearby is a house dating from 1755, which today houses a museum of the Saqqaq culture.
To the south of the city is a typical Greenlandic district with small and colorful houses.
And, of course, it is also an experience to climb the mountain Nasaasaaq and to enjoy the views across the city.

Zielgebiete zur Hafen Sisimiut (Holsteinsborg) / Greenland

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