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Walvis Bay (Walfischbai) / Namibia

Walvis Bay is a Namibian city with a population of 50,000 inhabitants and one of the most important seaports of the country. The city lies on the Atlantic Ocean. The city with its bay has always attracted the interest of many fishermen because the fish population here is very rich. Walvis Bay is known despite its name also for the incredible variety of birds.
South Africa managed the city until 1994 as exclave but then transfered it officially to Namibia.

Worth seeing in this town are, of course, the bay and the large harbour. In addition, there is a missionary church founded by Germany, which is arguably the town’s oldest building. It was built in Hamburg and then brought to Walvis Bay. At the railway station you can also see the oldest Hope locomotive.
The lagoon south of Walvis Bay is over 5000 years old and the most beautiful bird reservation in Namibia. More than 60% of all the flamingos in the world are here provided with food and there is also a large number of plovers. A real bird paradise. It is possible to explore the lagoon by kayak. A further popular place for birds is the guano platform in the sea, where pelicans and cormorans live.
Of course boat-tours for the exploration of water animals are certainly very popular. You can often see here dolphins. There are many other amazing places, where the most diverse bird species stay. Inland river rides or just relaxation on the beach are popular alternatives.

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