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Mini cruises - mini cruises for the short holiday!

Remaining holiday? A short vacation in between? The first cruise as introductory cruise? "Hit the cashbox? Then we have the right thing for you: short cruises at sea or on interesting rivers. We are happy to take care of the arrival so that the mini-cruise becomes a real holiday experience!

     Mini cruises as a trend
     Mini cruises from Kiel to Oslo
     Mini cruises with groups or children
     Mini cruises from Kiel, Hamburg etc.
Mini trips - the short cruise for the short holiday
Short trips to the ocean on the river excursions short trips

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Mini cruises are trendy
Mini cruises have been very popular for a few years now in order to escape everyday life for a short time in an individual way. Several countries that are close to each other can be visited in a very short travel time. Even if the travel time is much shorter on a mini cruise, the exact same comfort can still be enjoyed on board.

Numerous restaurants, casinos, cinema halls and other activities invite you to spend a great time at sea. Most mini cruises offer half board, i.e. a hearty breakfast and an exclusive dinner as a menu. Drinks are billed separately, unless you have booked a drinks  package.

Mini cruises from Kiel to Oslo
Mini cruises are best started in the area around its home town. Of course, this has the great advantage that the arrival is not too long and you can start your little mini cruise right away. An exciting example of this are the mini cruises from Kiel to Oslo with Color Line Cruises that start at the port of Kiel.

Image: Color Line Cruises Kiel-Oslo

The full program can be enjoyed on board within two days and two nights to look forward to Oslo's dazzling city life on the second day. The exciting northern lights metropolis offers great city tours and if you have the time and pleasure, you should not miss a boat ride through the harbor.

Image: Near Oslo in Norway

Many small offshore islands adorn the capital Oslo and offer guests a unique panorama. On the third day, you will return home after spending the night on board.

Mini cruises - whether with groups or children

Mini cruises are suitable for all generations and offer their advantages in every age group. Older people in particular, who no longer walk prroperly prefer mini cruises because the places are reached by boat and long tours with long footpaths can be avoided. On board there is excellent food, soft beds and cultural leisure activities that can be enjoyed in a relaxed manner with little effort.

A mini cruise also offers a lot for families with children, since children's entertainment is offered on many ships, so that parents can relax. While the children remain in the care of the entertainers and experience an adventurous, child-friendly time, the adults can follow the cultural programs in the cities they have traveled to or enjoy a delicious coffee in the sun in peace.

A great advantage of mini cruises is the cheaper price, which is calculated by the shorter stay on board. This means that mini cruises are also a trend for small purses. The short travel time is also attractive for curious people who have never been on a cruise before. This way of traveling can be tried out to decide whether you are now also suitable for longer voyages at sea.

Mini cruises from Kiel, Hamburg and many other ports

If you want to start from German ports, you have to travel to the north of Germany. For example, there are numerous German ports such as Hamburg, Kiel and Rostock, wherefrom the mini cruise can be started. From the various home ports, for example, you sail to England and Norway. Many mini cruises start from Germany to Sweden, Finland or Poland. Regardless of which cruise you ultimately choose, the mini cruise has an adventure for everyone in a European metropolis, in which new corners and stories can be discovered in our world in the shortest possible time.