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Позиционные круизы

The dream to cross the Atlantic once in lifetime has not lost its fascination to this day . A transatlantic cruise is a unique experience  whose memories you can go back to for a lifetime . On a transatlantic passage you experience in the most beautiful way impressions of the Old and the New World. Dreamlike relaxing cruise days and exciting attractions await you. You glide in a relaxed way from one continent
to another and experience the special flair of this great transatlantic cruise.
The distance between Europe and America you will really become aware of on this cruise . The vastness of the Atlantic Ocean is unimaginable -it invites you to relax and if you look on the deck to the beautiful ocean , the daily life is long forgotten. In the Caribbean and on the Atlantic islands you can finally fully unwind. Varied stops will grant you impressive moments and sights that make the transatlantic cruise a unique experience : a world of endless white sand beaches, turquoise waters and such magnificent colors that your astonishment and enjoyment has no end. The deep green of the tropical rainforests, the enchanting sunsets, palm trees swaying gently in the wind, and gorgeous exotic landscapes make this transatlantic cruise the ultimate destination. But also vibrant cities, modern coastal metropolises and small picturesque towns are on the itinerary. Be enchanted by a cruise across the great pond and take once in a lifetime a transatlantic cruise in an equally incomparable ambience .
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