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River cruises along the most beautiful landscapes
River cruises are often organized in historic cities: on river cruises you can experience fascinating landscapes comfortably from your floating hotel. Whether on the Danube, Rhone and Rhine or on exotic rivers such as the Yangtze or Amazon, river cruises always offer attractive cultural and scenic aspects. Most river cruises vary in length from two or three days to ten days or more. The river cruise ships ensure excellent comfort and this way ensure an all-round successful stay. Spa areas and wellness departments can now be found on board as well as fitness rooms and swimming pools. In our range of river cruises you are guaranteed to discover a customized cruise. Of course, we are also happy to advise you by phone.

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Book online river cruises for every taste
A river cruise combines the comfort of a luxury hotel with the experiences of a tour. But it is much more convenient because the hotel travels along. So you don't have to constantly pack and unpack suitcases and ride the bus for hours. While you enjoy your stay on board, the river cruise ship takes you to the next destination of the cruise. It couldn't be more comfortable.
Danube, Volga, Loire or Amazonas - river cruises in the most beautiful areas
You can book river cruises for both European and exotic destinations. Navigable rivers in beautiful landscapes exist almost everywhere in the world, which is why river cruises are also offered worldwide. Are you afraid of a long journey? Then river cruises in Germany, Holland or France are ideal. How about a Rhine river cruise? In addition to the impressive changing landscape along the river, you can get to know castles and palaces, regional cuisine and wine as well as traditional cities on this river cruise. A Moselle river cruise is also very interesting. The Moselle valley is known worldwide for its scenic beauty, its castles and of course its wine. Or experience historic cities along the route of a Main or Elbe river cruise. You travel comfortably from one place to another, can admire the landscape, fauna and flora along the way and discover numerous interesting cities.

For centuries people have settled along the course of the river. Discover their architectural legacies, famous cities and a unique landscape. Wide meadows alternate with steep gorges and baroque garden landscapes, forests and mountains. On extensive shore excursions you roam through historically interesting and well-known cities, experience their sights and thus gain numerous new, extremely interesting insights. In between, you can rest on the river cruise ship as it gently sails for the next destination.

Do you know the Danube in full bloom? It is one of the most fascinating rivers in Europe. The Danube rises in the Black Forest. As it runs through several countries, it becomes increasingly powerful and impressive until it finally flows into the Black Sea in the Danube Delta. On the Danube river cruise you will experience the unique landscape of this river course, get to know the countries through which it flows and explore the famous cities along the route.

If you are interested in France, you should take a closer look at the Rhone river cruise, the Loire river cruise and the Seine river cruise. These river cruises also lead through impressive landscapes. During the shore excursions, French cuisine, French wine and historical sites along the course of the river can be explored.

Are you more interested in exotic destinations? Then an Amazon river cruise would be something for you. The Amazon is the most water-rich river in the world. It flows through Brazil, French Guyana, Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. On this river cruise you will get to know the unique nature of South America. 55,000 flowering plant species and 1,600 bird species as well as more than 100 tree species make this cruise an unforgettable experience for all nature lovers.
Luxury river cruises - relaxation at the highest level
River cruise ships are smaller than the ships used for ocean crossings. Therefore, the atmosphere on board is more familiar and relaxed. But that doesn't mean that you have to forego luxury. The cabins of the river cruise ships are spacious. Many of them also have a balcony. So you can easily get to know the most beautiful rivers in the world. Admire the nature along the route from the spacious deck areas or the ship's outer promenades. You can also go on luxury river cruises on the Volga or in the USA. How about a river cruiswe with a paddle steamer? On a luxury river cruise on the Yangtze River in China you can e.g. be accommodated in a large outside cabin with balcony, bathroom with shower and toilet, air conditioning, TV and minibar. This way you will not soon forget river cruise experiences. Deals and last minute cruises - something for everyone
There are always places left. This is one way to find cheap river cruises. Take advantage of these cheap last minute river cruises. This creates a win-win situation for you and the cruise operator. You travel cheaper and the provider is happy about the additional booking. As a single traveler, you can also book here without a single cabin surcharge.
River cruises - 3-day cruises or longer?
River cruises are suitable for a short cruise during a long weekend as well as for a longer cruise. A short cruise even includes only one overnight stay. On the other hand, you can also stay on board for three weeks on a cruise and thus explore your travel destination in peace and detail. There are many different options between these two extremes - three days, four days, five days, a week, two weeks or more. Traveler will find exactly the right option for every destination according to their taste.

River cruises - experiences for young and old
Cruises used to be considered something for older people. That no longer applies today. Nowadays both young and old people can be found on river cruises. After all, young people also appreciate comfort and stress-free cruises. The travel operators have also included special offers in the program that combine river cruises with other activities and thus appeal to many young people. An example of this is the offer »River cruises and cycling«. The respective river cruise is combined with bike tours along the route. Other examples are river cruises in combination with soccer or hiking. Offers that are aimed at all age groups are e.g. river cruises and music or river cruises and wine. Some river cruises also have a special motto, e.g. single travelers, families or honeymoons. So everyone finds their perfect river cruise regardless of age, marital status or interest.