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Belfast, Northern Ireland / United Kingdom

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and the second largest city in Ireland after Dublin.
It is the seat of a Catholic and an Anglican bishop, university town and has a marina. Belfast is the seat of government and parliament of Northern Ireland (both suspended since 2002). The border district of Belfast were especially in the 1970s the scene of the Northern Ireland conflict.

Visit the historic Belfast! - The City Hall is a good example of a classic Renaissance building, free guided tours through this masterpiece from the time of Edward VII. (1906) are possible.
St Anne's Cathedral, built in the 'Hiberno-Romanesque' style, needed 77 years to complete, but the visitors agree that it was worth the wait!
Discover the history of Belfast - visit the carefully reconstructed old town of Ulster Folk and Transportation Museum, which tells the story of life in Ulster in the early 20th century. The Ulster Museum has an excellent early Ireland exhibition and exceptional 'Made in Belfast' exhibits while Fernhill House tells the story of Belfast's Shankill area.
Stroll through the Victorian streets of Belfast: the old town, the Titanic Road, the Blackstaff Road and the city center way are good to go on.
Rides by bus to the beautiful Northern Irish countryside leave Belfast daily.
Belfast offers a wonderful array of products from traditional to modern. A must for all shoppers is the central shopping area which extends from Donegall Place to Royal Avenue, and which can be easily explored on foot. St George's Market (the oldest covered market in Ireland) hosts an eclectic market every Friday morning, offering the largest fish market with 23 stalls of seafood! On Saturday morning there is the Farm & Specialties Market, which offers a variety of local food of high quality. The Lisburn Road in the south of the city is impressive with its exquisite designer boutiques and a number of al fresco cafes that offer recreation on the way. Furthermore, there are many excellent shopping centers in the rest of the city and in the suburbs.
Historic pub visit tour - no visit to Belfast would be complete without a trip through the famous and historic pubs. The hospitality of Belfast and its people is legendary and there is no better way to enjoy the 'craic' (fun) and the atmosphere as with a few Baileys.
Nightlife in the city - "If you have not yet experienced Belfast by night, you have not lived" Sara Cox, BBC Radio One DJ. Sara is right, it's a great city for nightlife. All you need is a lot of energy and a little inside information! Try a local brew at one of Belfast's historic pubs, visit one of the traditional pubs for a live session of Irish music or discover the modern bar and club scene in Belfast you will find everything!

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